Music is power

Listening to music.... late at night... tired... and now tears sting my eyes. Music just brings it out of me! In the best way though.... I was listening to 'Your love oh Lord' by third day and it was a song that Preston's best friend Tim and his beautiful wife Sarah sang at our wedding, but it also holds so much more emotion for me, other memories. 
And then yesterday I was driving in the car by myself and instead of listening to our beloved Raffi I got to listen to my music! I heard this song, "unashamed love" by Ten sheckel shirt and that was a song we sung at Briercrest that reminded me of when I first starting to date Preston. I remember singing that song and actually singing it to God and not being distracted by the hottie next to me! I was always distracted when it came to guys, but when it was right I wasn't, God was first for a change. Isn't it "funny" how everything in life sails so much smoother when God is number 1? 
The next song was an old one too... "everything" by Lifehouse... six minutes of complete reflection. That song takes me all the way back to my first concert in highschool, but it has so much meaning to me now as well. 
Maybe all this to say, music is powerful! It can break you and bring forth the river of tears, it can make you laugh and dance and at times look like an idiot (maybe that's just me). I know for me God has used music to express my heart when I had no words.  So I don't live on every word my ipod whispers into my ear, but lately I have been loving the power music has in my life.

God thank you for working in my life even through music.... you are breathtaking.


Katie Spinks said…
i couldn't agree any more with this post my dear! music is so powerful and i love it. it has the power to change your mood, to speak peace and refresh your soul. can't wait for Friday!!
isnt that so true. And I feel you on getting to listen to YOUR music, I turn on mine and I hear from the back seat "mommy I want HEY HEY HEY" which is a veggie tales song, and I sigh and say ok seth, ust to keep the peace in the car.
Music brings memories, and feelings so easily. I love it to. Helps you feel whats really inside you.

Hope you are well, thought of you alot yesterday for some reason.

Love kath
Marissa said…
I feel the same way. It's amazing how songs can take me back to memories/feelings of a certain event or time in my life.
I'm suddenly grateful that my kids let me listen to my music! Haha... they have good taste too :P
Miss you already - can't wait to see you ALL THE TIME!!! Muahahahaha....
Rowanne Fairchild said…
Tara, how you have blessed me. This comments has little to do with your specific post about music, but all to do with how God shines through the brokeness of your pain. Your enduring faith in our Father through your pain has been such an inspiration for me, and even though I am incapable of imagining the struggles you are facing, I know full well that God is doing incredible things through your story.

Tyler, the young man involved in your car accident, is my youth intern and a very dear friend of mine. Just two days ago we were discussing the accident and how it has forever changed his life, but how God has given him the ability to identify with others' pain through this tragedy. God works through brokeness, and he strengthens us through trial. Your faith and your story, Tara, are ones that have changed lives. My heart breaks for you, my sister. But at the same time I see how abundantly and evidently God loves you, for we are never hurt more than we are loved. Even though we have never met, you have touched my life in a way no one else has, and your faith has been an example of God's loving kindness that I have never witnessed before.

You are in my prayers, and may God richly bless you as you follow the path He has prepared for you.

Rowanne Fairchild

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