Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cookie Adventures

One morning this week the boys and I decided to embark on a cookie adventure. Yes I am making this a way bigger deal than most would who are making cookies, but baking with a three year old and a one year old is not a twenty minute moment. We had an entire morning to spare, so off we went, best cookie recipe in hand and new tips from the most wonderful bakers - my own friends:) I am a perfectionist. It is annoying and yet so satisfying when I do perfect something. Sadly making things perfect does not happen very often. My cookies always taste amazing, but never look perfect, and I end up truly wanting to throw them across the kitchen because they didn't look how I wanted them to... ok maybe this is more control freak than perfectionist ;) anyway, I decided today we were going to make the best looking cookies I have ever made. So I asked my friends on facebook - how do you make the perfect cookie? give me your tips! And wow I did not realize the response I would get, nor did I realize that making chocolate chip cookies is an art.
Here is what we did differently
- more brown sugar than white (makes them softer)
- mixed the dough without an electric mixer
- chilled the dough for an hour
- used a ton of chocolate chips and the good ol nestle recipe

Here is the pics from our adventure and yes it was an adventure:)

My helpers!

My little musician, Jake kept banging the measuring spoons on the counter - not a nice noise!

   Micah was so done baking - he tried really hard for quite some time to get this cup in the garbage - and yes i was already done with it. 
You decide: perfect or not,  

three happy kids tell me they were AWESOME!


Miranda said...

Those cookies look sooo good Tara!! I also sub out some of the white sugar for more brown - it's the only way to go! I also have started using half of the chocolate chips the recipe calls for and using craisins to make it up - soooo good!!! :)

Giselle said...

Precious moments and great pictures!!

Shawna said...

What a fun morning, your boys are blessed to have you as a mom, it definately takes a lot of love and patients to bake cookies with kids!!

Britt said...

I vote PERFECT. wish I could have had one!

Renee said...

i have decided that baking with kids is more about the "experience" then the finished product cause the kids will eat them no matter how they look or what mysterious ingredient ends up in them! (i have had several random ingredients thown in by dex!)
p.s. i vote perfect, next year yowill have to enter them in the fair, i bet you'll win!