Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Bday my love

It was Preston's birthday on the 23rd... sooo weird, he would have been 26!  His family was here with us which was nice but there was such a void without him here. Specifically on his birthday because you're recognizing a day that would have been a big celebration and now is not - now we devote a very small part of our day to remember the incredible man who was once celebrating with us. I missed him SO much this day, it choked me up alot. Sometimes I think it's harder when you're doing soo good emotionally and then you have a bad day, it makes you feel like you've gone backwards, although you know that's not possible it can be soo depressing. I know though that Preston is glad he's in Heaven, I have no doubt he's loving every second of it! I doubt they celebrate birthdays up there, isn't everyday a huge celebration!? Maybe they celebrate the day you came to heaven?  We wrote little notes and tied them to balloons and sent them into the clouds... Jake thinks they are really going to Heaven and to be honest  I really hope they do:) I think it's pretty perfect for the little guys.

This is what Jake wanted to write - simple and sweet:)
(I wrote it holding his hand)

                                       Us with his family and our many balloons!


Giselle said...

Oh Tara, this makes me cry. I'm so glad Preston is in heaven, but death is cruel this side of eternity. I love you and am so glad that God is your strength and your salvation.

Amy said...

Tears streaming down my face! Preston was so blessed to have you as his wife and your adorable boys as his dear sons. I don't know about you but I have NO DOUBT those balloons are headed to heaven! God bless you!

Shawna said...

what a beautiful way to remember Preston Tara!