Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A B C's

So I have not updated because we have been so busy! Isn't that always the story though? I always say I'll do this or do that when life slows down, but I'm realizing when you have kids life never slows down so you just better be supremely good at multitasking! I multitask three days a week:)
We have done so much lately,

A. I GOT MY US CITIZENSHIP!!!!! WHOOHOO! I now have dual, as do the boys and I have already memorized the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem and been summoned for jury duty. Ok so I'm kidding about memorizing, I already memorized the anthem when I was five out of the church hymnal ha ha (i always thought it would be cool to be American) and I did get summoned for jury, but I ended up not having to do it;)
I am really proud that I got my citizenship. It is a very BIG deal for me. I could write a book on all our immigration journey! Immigration is expensive and is defined by: alot of papers, alot of money and alot of waiting, it can make you or break you as a couple but we chose to grow through it and the fruit of that growth has been incredible. Immigration was how we began our marriage, it grew so much of our faith in God because it was very much OUT of our hands, it bonded Preston and I in ways that still blow me away. When a relationship comes to an end, or just any chapter in our lives it is easier to look at the bigger picture and maybe see some of the reasons God might have allowed us to go through certain things. And I see immigration as such a blessing because there were ways I grew that could have only come from something like this, even after Preston died much of the faith that carried me through his death came from the waiting journey of immigration!

I shed a ton of tears the nights before my citizenship interview. I cried because I missed Preston and wished we could have experienced this together, I cried because my life is so different than it was when we started this journey (but very sweet too!). He was the one who wanted me to become American, I was like, nah, I'm a faithful Canadian, I don't want to trade hockey for basketball, nestle tea for sweet tea ha ha. But i caved.
I was thankful my good friend and mentor came with me to my interview! My interviewer was sooo sweet, she encouraged me through the 15 minute process (so short!) and I got 100% on my history test, what what! The oath ceremony was totally cheesy, see pics below but it was equally as exciting!  I know deep in my heart I'll never feel entirely American, that's not what i was going for, but now I carry a part of Preston and my boys AND kind of honor the wonderful life i have lived in the United States of America. Canadians can make fun of it all they want, I even do sometimes, but I really have to say I love that country as much as I love my own!

B. On a lesser and far more superficial note: I got a scar removed that has been an eye sore for me, I got it sometime in college when I wacked the boys who were trying to climb into our dorm room window - don't mess with me! (ok truth is, i have no idea how I got the scar) anyway it turned into a keyloid scar which is a scar that grows - how gross! It is now GONE and I'm praying it doesn't come back, the chances are up to 50% ah! I got it done at a plastic surgeon just so it would heal better!

C. We just took a trip to Portland, loved "almost" every minute of it. We got the stomach flu when we were there, it was perfect timing don't you agree? Well I suppose it bonded me and the boys and the family we were staying with! Why does it seem that the stomach flu hits you in the middle of the night? First I got it and then Jake, however Micah was spared! I was sharing a bed with Jake and the first night at 3:30am I hear movement, then I hear groaning, then I hear Jake say he's not feeling well and I just know this is serious. I rush him to the potty only to discover he has already throw up... in his mouth, and was holding it until we reached the potty. TMI I know, sorry! The next night I wasn't so lucky, I woke up at 1am to "moooommmy..ughh.." and this time the chunks flew... all over the bed. Why am I telling all these details? Maybe it's because I don't have a husband to share these moments with ha ha so if you're still reading, we did survive, I lost weight but put it all back on eating chocolate. Tis the season I guess:)
So the trip was great, visiting with such amazing friends, shopping and stocking up on trader joe's goodies, and getting to know my boys more! But Micah woke up 3-4 times a night and we were so busy they barely napped so I am very happy to be home where I have an amazing mommy who will watch the boys so I can sleep in tomorrow! Ok and a million other reasons, isn't it good I wanted to come home? If you read my last post:)

And now I'll post pics of my update!

The boys looking out the airplane window, two seconds later it wasn't so peaceful!
Saying the Oath of Allegiance, I was proud
The Newest US Citizen! and Alejandro Mayorkas - director of all USCIS

I might have bought this tshirt four months ago:)

The Sign Shelly and the kids made for me!! 
Trader Joe's littlest and cutest shopper! 
Ugly scar is GONE! 


Anonymous said...

im so proud of u getting ur american citizenship! i rememeber the beginning of that journey for you! proud that u finished it :) GOOD JOB!!


Jenny said...

Congratulations on your citizenship! :) Thanks for sharing everything. I always am blessed by reading your posts.

Glenda said...

I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.Congrats!

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

I love your blog too. Found you through Bonnie's a long time ago. Welcome to America!