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No more ugly blog!! If you had checked on here the last few days you would have found a very random and ugly look to my blog! I started to make my header but because I started at nap time I had to stop before I finished! Why would I even think to do anything productive at nap time!? Anyway so this new look is really not that exciting, unless you're me who spent a couple hours making the header:) I love to design and it was fun so i hope your eyes have a good feast! 

I went to a movie with Jake tonight, we saw Tangled, it was great! He loved it. We went after dinner but he was living in so much anticipation he kindly told me he wasn't hungry so we should just go! I love age 3/4 it's so much fun! They say the weirdest and most adorable things! My heart overflows and a smile can't help but light up my face when think how thankful I am for my boys.
This past few days I have had so much joy. My last post was a big pile of bummer and I am happy to say things have changed! Alot of prayer. Reading a great book. And time. There have been a few things this week where God used my pain to help someone else and that is true beauty. 
Part of my joy stems from the season! I loove Christmas, decorating - even if you realized you only bought half the amount of garland and lights you would need and three bulbs were broken 5 minutes into being on the tree (thank you Micah), baking (which I haven't done yet hee hee), lots of family and friends, playing in the snow - I mean playing with the boys in the snow while they eat snow for 30 minutes:), listening to the same great Christmas music that has been around for ages, shopping - even if you have to stand in line for 20 minutes.. ok that's not so great ha ha. Celebrating the entrance into the world of the one who saved me (Jesus), it's refreshing to dwell on. And one of my favorite things about the Christmas season is seeing Christmas through Jacob's eyes. He has no idea what to think about Santa, I think it's fun, but it really really makes Christmas about the opposite of what it's about - JESUS CHRIST and the reason we have Christmas at all. I'm excited that this is really the first year Jacob gets what Christmas is about and I don't want it to be clouded over by a jolly fat man in a suit! I let Santa in the house, we watch him on tv and we'll even go see him at the mall but i try not to make a big deal of him, he's cool, nice guy type thing but we don't talk about him alot. These preschool years are when I think kids really begin to create the roots that their views of life will grow from, I want to try my best to get it right now and give them a good foundation and not have to back track when my son finds out Santa isn't all that. Even from watching Polar Express, super great movie, but it's like Santa worship...c'mon you have to agree there! But in the movie they say, "Seeing is believing" and that is SO not true on many levels, but especially with God where seeing is not going to happen in this life, but God says those who have not seen yet but believe with faith will be blessed, but it was interesting how Jake really picked up on that line. Anyway that was a total tangent! I hope that doesn't offend, it's just my own life view.
Christmas is awesome, the boys love it, I love it and I wish the joy people had around Christmas lasted all year! It really makes you think how much of our emotions are just mental. 
Well I should get to bed, I'm so tired lately and it's because I stay up so late! But what do you do when you get your second wind at 10pm? ah! 


Jenny said…
Hi Tara! The new blog design looks great - very peaceful and serene. :)
Anonymous said…
love the new look :) i love christmas its the best time of year and I too wish everyone had the joy like this all year!!!

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