Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cowboys, I phones & airplanes

I took a trip to Dallas this weekend to speak at a life insurance conference. It was an amazing experience. I have spoken at a few different events and every one seems to have just as profound effect on myself as it does to those that I speak to. I am so blessed to be able to do this. Although It is out of pain and sadness and tragedy that I share my story….  It is incredibly healing to be able to help others through my pain…. It adds a lot of purpose and while it doesn’t fix the hurt or take away the horror of what happened it somehow lightens the load. It brings a smile to my face when I see our story impacting other people lives…. Like I say in my talks, when we’re nearing the end of our life, what do we want to be remembered for? what do we want others to say? Who do we want to become!? You have to start to be that person today.
And shout out to ING/Insphere! They are two of the nicest companies I have ever dealt with, very professional and down to earth and they sure know how to take care of their guest speakers!

I didn’t take the boys on this trip because it was very last minute. We have a lot of family and friends in Dallas so I got to see them all, but I wished the boys could have come for that reason! It was A W E S O M E because I really wasn’t sure when the next time we would see them all would be. So double blessing!
I spent a lot of time by myself, which if you know me well you know I am NOT a fan of hanging out solo…. I try to like it but after two hours I crave a friend… it’s not even my insecurity… it’s just that my friends and family are that great.  I had a spa night by myself… it was mud mask time! The last “spa” night I had was at a hotel with Marissa… I missed your company and laughter friend! (practicing my talk just wasn’t as fun without you!)
I traveled through a wack of airports on my way there and back, LAX is the worst airport ever!!! Seattle is the best by far! 
I did alot of people watching on my trip to Dallas so I have compiled a few observations for you…
they will change your life.
Ok I’m totally kidding.
But they will entertain you greatly.

85% of people I saw have an iphone – this is the way it should be. Once you go I-phone you don’t go back! The iphone 4, which by the way will still be cool for at least 8 more months makes me drool.

20% of those people who have iphones were playing angry birds on the plane – this was proven by a quick trip to the bathroom.
I pulled angry birds out while in the green room at the conference and I had to laugh when the VP of a major company had beaten the game, he was 46.

If you live in Texas and you don’t like the cowboys you shouldn’t make that public knowledge

Many people love football more than Jesus

A majority of Dallas woman have a very distinct look about them, make up, more make up and perfect hair, they look good, I have nothing against it, I’m just saying I noticed.

There are indeed hockey fans in Texas, I was surprised. But I don’t think they tell anyone.

People from Texas are outrageously friendly, but terribly rude drivers… hmmm I haven’t really figured that one out yet, maybe they save their rage for the road.

You can have really amazing conversations with people on airplanes. I think people have their guards down more because they know they won’t ever see the person in the next seat again.
I am constantly amazed at the amount of people I talked to who were so open to talking about faith and God… try it you’ll be blessed and may even be surprised when the person next to you thanks you for telling them about Jesus. Or they might tell you they’d want your number if you lived closer, in that case they were probably just listening to you talk about God because they had an agenda so you laugh awkwardly and quickly dig through your purse to find a distraction.  True story.

That is about all I can think of! I missed my boys so much, but my family kept them so well entertained I don’t think they even cared I was gone! How is it that you want a break from your kids and then when you leave you miss them terribly and can’t stop thinking about them!?

Well hope your Christmas preparations are going well and not making you want to pull your hair out! I'm actually excited for Christmas this year, which is HUGE, but that's another post:)


Anonymous said...

merry christmas tara!! glad ur excited about christmas this year :) its my favourite, i love christmas!

Shawna said...

So glad to hear your trip went well! You definately challenge me to be more open about may faith! It is great to hear that you are excited for Christmas this year, I am looking forward to reading that post :) I know exactly what you mean about wanting a break from the kids and then missing them terribly, and mine don't seem to miss me nearly as much as I miss them. If we don't see you before have a great Christmas!!!

afterthoughtcomposer said...

angry birds kept me up till 4 am one night over the holidays. Just sayin.