Tuesday, February 15, 2011


At the end of my life I want to be confident of one thing, that I loved and that I loved deeply.  
Today I was reminded of ALL the love I have in my life. It was such a beautiful day. Valentines day the past couple years has been filled with such loss, a sweet love remembered and a reminder that love was gone from my life, romantic love anyway. Painful sums it up. And this year for various reasons was nothing like the last two years, I think I smiled through the entire day! 
I woke up to my two favorite faces, Jake and Micah! Jake had something up his sleeve, (helped by Grandma and aunty) and he could not wait to give me my valentines! He eagerly ran downstairs to get it and with a smile from ear to ear handed me a beautiful bracelet, earrings and a necklace. Mom was just going to help him get a bracelet for me, but then Jake informed her he would also like a matching necklace and earrings to go with it! He is going to make one lady very happy one day!
We went to Bible Study in the morning which is always a highlight of my week. Getting together with girls who are willing to share life together, to be raw and honest and talk about how God can and is working in our lives. I am always amazed how much we get to talk about in between screaming children! I am challenged every week and to be challenged is a grand and beautiful thing indeed. 
Then we had lunch with some amazing people, new to our life, but who have a way of lighting up our lives. I left Bible study and lunch so full of joy knowing of the love we were able to experience in just a few short hours. And looking in the backseat I saw those precious faces who I love so deeply, they are loved and so am I.

Wow... could this post get any more sappy? Ok maybe a little more.

My good friend Marissa and her three kids came over after naps so we could bake a cake for the v-day party we were going to. Ok I lied, let me rephrase: Marissa and her three kids came over and she made the cake while I encouraged her and ate the whipping cream. I love these guys. We are both single mothers so we're bonded in such a unique way. We spend so much time together that we are like family and I can even handle having an un-awkward silent moment. Because... as some may tell you, I am not so great with silent moments, unless I'm really comfortable, I will fill in that gap, sometimes to my embarrassment. 
For dinner we all headed to our friend Sarah's, her hubby was away so us girls and kids bonded over mile high nachos, melt in your mouth cake, sweet cream soda (hadn't had that since I was 10!) and more candy. I learned two things tonight, never let my child eat red dye (in candy, pop and anything red), I swear it is straight poison and only results in over aggressive, uber hyper little kids. I also learned tonight, actually I was reminded of the love of friendship.

We got home, put the boys to bed and then my friend Renee came over to watch the bachelor. Yes we are that lame, however, I'm totally confident in my lame choice. We watched fake (or maybe not he he) love unfold as we talked about all that is going on in our own lives. I love this girl, she brings so much joy to my life. Thanks again Daniel for sharing your wife with me:)
And almost lastly I received a few really amazing heartfelt emails today.... ahem, facebook messages, because really, who emails anymore? Reading through these I was blown away by the love God has blessed me with. Deep, deep, meaningful kindred spirit type friendships. It is through the transparency I share with some of my closest friends where I see God working so obviously. They are friendships that prove God is real.
Today I have seen old friendships grow, new relationships blossom, and the love of God so obviously written all over my life. I have been praying God would show me his undying, never ending love and today He did that over and over and over! 
We love because He loved us first. - 1 John 4:19

Without God loving me so perfectly I really do not believe I could love as much as I do or receive that love back so easily.
I hope that your V-day was at least a little bit good, hopefully alot good, and that you can think of at least one relationship where love flourishes and dance in the thankfulness of that.


Anonymous said...

sounds like u had a really good day! so glad to hear it :)

Jenny said...

I am so happy that you had a good day with great friends. :)