Wednesday, February 09, 2011

You are MORE

Guilt. Shame. Feelings that you're not good enough. pain. hypocrisy. anger. fear. lies.
Aren't these many of the things that keep us from God? Maybe from believing in him in the first place or from having a fulfilling relationship with him once you are HIS?

In my life lately it seems as though the devil's lies have been pouring into my life like a waterfall that doesn't have an end and I am soaked. It is those small thoughts, "you are not good enough for God to love you, there are so many people (moms) better than you, look at this or that you've done, God can't love you when you do that, you don't do enough to serve God, you're too selfish, God will take his love away if you do that, He loves 'so and so' far more than you." 

I can't say there has even been a time in my life when I have heard these lies more than right now. And I don't really know why. Instinctively it's natural to believe them and look at myself and agree, ya, according to my actions I'm really not good enough for God to lavish his love on me. And there begins the wall between me and God, I put distance between myself and God because I believe the lies, I turn from Him when He is still there with his arms wide open.

Last night I just could not push these thoughts to the side, they were tormenting me and brought me to tears. I cried partly because I'm so annoyed at them and want so badly to overcome them and partly because I just haven't cried in awhile:)  
I have learnt enough in life to know these are lies and that God does love me with such an unquenchable love. He is the only one who can help me defeat these lies. I will never let the devil get a foothold in my life and cripple my walk with the Lord. It is a fight for a joy, but a fight worth every moment if it means I come out stronger, which in Christ I will.

Nothing, absolutely nothing separates us from the Love of Christ. Once we are His, there is nothing that can take his love away. But it is a fight because we so easily believe the lies.  We are human, we make mistakes so often and that is defeating! But there is nothing we can do that can make God love us more or anything we can do to take his love away. 

Talking about God's love always reminds me of my relationship with my little boys. No matter how many bad choices they make, no matter how much they run away from me when I ask them to do something, no matter how much they fight each other, my love goes deeper and higher and wider than anything they could ever do. I love these boys with every ounce of my existence, so how much more does a perfect God love his children? Believe it!

"We are (FAR) more than the choices that we make, we've been remade."
This is a line from one of my favorite songs, "you are more" by Tenth avenue North. 
Watch the video, it's powerful and gives such a vivid picture that no matter what choices we have made or what lies we have believed that when we have been remade through Jesus we are washed clean before him, his love on the cross conquers all.
This song reminds me of who I am in Christ, I hope it can encourage you like it did me.  


Glenda said...

thanks for sharing. what a beautiful song. (you are more!)

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Hang in there!!

Ashlea said...

I love this blog post Tara. You put into words exactly how I feel at times. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who hears these lies. Thanks for the reminder of the depth of God's love.