Sunday, March 13, 2011

Four years!

Sunday night! The weekend is over, and I can hardly believe it's the middle of March! We have almost lived here for 6 months which some days is a blessing and other days seems way too far away from life in Portland! Jake just had his fourth birthday! 4 my friends!! A whole lot can happen in four years, I went to highschool for 4 years where I went from a dorky, mouthy, braceface to a girl who walked out confident in herself and in her identity in Christ (that in itself shows God is real ha ha, it's highschool after all). 

I was married for 4 years, and that included marriage, immigration, P's college degree, 1 1/2 babies, two countries, 16 moves (felt like it) and a million and one memories with amazing friends. Now I have raised a sweet boy for 4 years! Jake is such a blessing. He is super smart, although I'm biased, I think others who spend alot of time with him would agree. He loves to learn how everything works and really pays attention when you tell him, his favorite is how the body works, he has a huge desire to learn - i see his daddy in him so much, he loooves music and he hates to sleep, he has a huge heart, and is incredibly clumsy (don't know where he got that from:) And he loves water, dancing, jumping and moving whenever he has to sit still. 

But this little man has been through alot in these 4 years.  
Year one, aside from having severe asthma and eczema was mostly smooth sailing for him, he was born into loads of love from mommy and daddy! Year two was the shattering, life altering year. Daddy went to heaven when he was 19months old. Grandma moved in for awhile, which i'm convinced he utterly loved and was a saving grace for us! He went to Disneyland and Disneyworld. He was in Newsweek magazine. He got a new baby brother, wow! And he won't remember any of it, ha ha, but I think that's a relief in some regards! 
Year 3 he had child counseling, survived a single parent household and learned what it means to really be surrounded by love from friends, and family. oh he also moved countries, no biggie. Lots of changes! 

So those years could sure be remembered as painful, full of change and events a child should never have to go through. But when I really think about it what stands out is love. SO SO MUCH LOVE. From the moment Jake was born he was showered with love, from the second his daddy died love poured in and through every aspect of his life. To the big move, the second biggest change in his life, love was waiting for him here and has not stopped. And his little brother has taught him that love should be unconditional and shown as much as possible, even when his hair is being pulled or he's being hit over the head with buzz lightyear:) I know he understands love because I so frequently hear the words, "I wuv you mommy," throughout the day, melts my heart everytime!  

And in 4 short years he has been introduced and shown the absolute unconditional, gracious and perfect love of the God his mommy loves so much.  And that is what I pray for his little life every night. That he will walk with God and be rooted in him all the days of his life and know, " how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ - the love that surpasses knowledge" (ephesians 3:18) And that he will love God with all his heart, all of his strength and all of his mind. Because as sweet as human love is, there is nothing in all the world that can replace the captivating love of the giver of life.
I'll include four pictures of my sweet boy!! One for each year of his life! Ok 5.
Hello daddy!! Such a priceless pic

He's 1 (and did not smile for a single pic, but he was sick!)
I'm 2!! Build a bear was awesome:)
3 what!?! Love this boy:)
I'm 4!! Such a big little man! 


Dan.Eliot said...

As a single dad I am very happy to have what some would perceive to be a “small family”. three children, two dogs, one cat, and yes the pets are part of our family. It’s not the size of the family that counts but the family inside that counts. Have a great day....

help for single Dads

Catrina said...

He looks like such a little man, Tara! Happy Birthday to Jake!

Renee said...

and to think this little man's journey is just beginning;) happy year four jake!

Glenda said...

Happy 4th birthday Jake. From the pictures I think he looks just like daddy.

Jodi said...
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Jodi said...

It had been awhile since I had come across your blog, but everytime I do I am so inspired by your faith and the growth you have found in the midst of this crazy journey. I loved this post about Jake's birthday and I actually was composed while reading it until I got to the picture of Preston holding his little boy. I know he was an amazing dad. Tears streamed down my face as I was reminded of Preston's smile and joyful spirit. I too see his smile in your boys. That smile is one of many special gifts that he left you with. You are a blessed momma!

Jodi (Chambers) Rogers from BBC