Saturday, June 25, 2011

Camping inside

It's not the norm that you camp inside, however summer has not yet arrived here!! We have wind in abundance and plenty of chilly evenings, although the swarms of mosquitos would say it's summer, it really isn't. I long to sit out on my deck at night and take in the beauty of the mountains, but it's cold and I'm totally a wimp. I'll be cold with a friend, but not by myself ha ha. 
So we decided to set up our tent in our house. And it's a good thing we set it up in the biggest room in the house because it is a huge tent! check it out: 

And can I tell you, tent instructions stink. My poor sweet children were so patient while I attempted not once but three times to properly set it up. i can't say I wish Preston were here, because I don't think he'd do much better than me! But we would have had a great time laughing at our failed attempts. We are city slickers at heart:) I grew up going camping - in a camper! And that is entirely different. 

So I woke up and felt a little down. I'll admit. Weekends are still hard, almost three years later and I still miss weekends as an intact family. I had it really good. I cannot help but crave that again. It was beautiful. And I'm surrounded by almost entirely all married friends so weekends are when people hang out with their families and do all that family stuff where the dads are there to help out and husband and wife can sit and enjoy one another at night and not worry about the weekly grind. I know that's ideal and that doesn't happen every weekend in every house, but that's what I do think of when weekends hit. I remember those times. When Preston and I had down time we worked hard at reconnected and just enjoying each other. I miss that. I miss having that partner through life that no matter what happens it's not as bad because you have each other. Can you tell I've missed him a ton lately?

ANYWAY, sidetracked, oh the beautiful mind of a girl!

So I'm feeling down and I am a fighter. I refuse to stay down. I might feel sad all day long but I'm not going to let it take my life over. So we decided camping at home would be a great highlight to our weekend. We went out and bought a firepit, it's small and super cute and I'm not sure if those are words one should use to describe a firepit but once you see it you'll just have to agree. It's got city slicker written all over it. 

We roasted hotdogs, Jake was very nervous that we would burn them, he watched them so closely. Micah just wanted a roasting stick to dig in the sandbox with. 
 My two sweethearts, enjoying their dinner! Can you tell they are brothers?
After, we roasted marshmellows with our neighbors! They are a great family, single mom as well with two boys, what are the chances we are neighbors? We have an open fence policy:) We watched a movie with them after and then slept in our tent! It took micah an hour and half to fall asleep, he is a fireball all day long, which I love. I love his joy and his passion for... everything. Ok, except at 10:30 at night. 

This morning I had to wake up early to go to the Farmers Market! My mom was going to do it with me, but she got the stomach flu overnight (we all had it blech!) and had to cancel. But she did however help me set up, seriously she's amazing. I normally sell at a different market, but my buddy, Britt couldn't come today. We sell hairclips and headbands for girls of all ages! It's a ton of fun! I did great today and aside from a nasty gust of wind come up and blow all my displays down and also try to take my tent with it I had alot of fun!
This is us every thursday morning! 

 And now to explain this next picture of Jake. After coming to visit me at the market last week he told me I needed some man stuff on my table (coming from the boy in the pumpkin hat). So I think, teachable opportunity! I told him he can come up with something and we can try to sell it. His idea was to go to home depot, buy some tool and resell them, that's manly enough. I told him his idea was great, but it has to be something he makes himself and really he has to be like 18 or something to actually sell so I knew I had to make it with him to justify this. So we came up with tools printed onto a canvas.  I printed the tools out with my oh so wonderful silhouette sd machine - cuts virtually whatever I want it to! and we decoupaged them on! He did that part and the painting. Oh wait. He poured the paint while I painted, his choice:) 
So we tried to sell them today! He came and sat with me and did so good! He was so patient... until he found the pumpkin hat at another vendors booth. He wanted it soo badly. I had to laugh, isn't it funny what kids get attached to? I said if he sells a painting he can buy one, he wasn't impressed because he was fairly certain no one was looking at the paintings closely enough, he even put them out front in front of my designs! Well my sweet friend bought one and he eagerly took off with her to buy his toque (american translation: beanie) I love this kid. Over the day he turned his dorky little hat into a superhero costume, complete with a canucks towel for a cape ( I chose not to burn it after they lost) and soccer socks for extra super human strength. oh and only underwear. It was adorable and made the hat worth every penny. 

So this weekend turned out to be good:) The boys had a ton of fun and although I am still left craving that "best friend" I am beyond thankful for how God has blessed me through my children!

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Mrs. S said...

Jake's paintings are great! I didn't see them the Saturday I was there ;) You and the boys should come out one Saturday after market. Clint works a bunch in the summer :) My mom got the same pumpkin toque for my niece Emily, it's sort of a given "nickname" before she was even born.