Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Some of my dearest friends lost their dad this week in a farming accident. It's so so sad, and breaks my heart over and over again. All I can do is pray my heart out for them. It's so hard to understand, why does tragedy happen? But I experienced in my own life that God is the only one who can transform their hearts and help them get through one of the most difficult moments in their life. But please pray for the Haak family. 

I have been super busy with the Farmers Market this past month, it takes up alot of my evenings, creating lovely little clips for the hair (so blogging gets neglected). But I have been living and learning a ton: see above post. 
Summer has been great for us, the boys took swimming lessons and loved it! Jake's confidence level soared and he can now swim a few miles:) kidding! But he can swim with a life jacket, not touching the bottom! A big accomplishment for my timid little man:) 
Micah jumps in (literally) with both feet, but I learned more than ever during his lessons that he is entirely stubborn, he will do what the teacher says and do it well, but always on his own time, not when she tells him... oy, what does this mean for when he is 16?! He is a bit of a bully, he picks on kids who seem weaker than him which usually means kids younger than him, but also means that sweet 3yr old who wouldn't hurt a fly:( Yet he is super sensitive! He crys if I raise my voice even a little, he has a HUGE heart and when he loves he loves so sweetly, he's so wonderful and so mean all in one cute little package. But I do notice an improvement if i tell him before we see friends he is not allowed to push, hit or pull hair! Let's hope he outgrows this one sooner than later!
tongues like the frog we caught!
Waterpark! They look so excited:)

Jake is into sneaking into my bed at 3am! I wake up to him kicking me, such a great feeling:) I asked him the other day how he gets here and he says, I just walk in, i dont' even ask so then you can't say no!" Smart little cookie. I said what if i ever got married? What would he do then? He says, "I'd sleep in the middle!"

We were able to spend a few days at the lake with some friends that Preston and I were really close to, it was such a refreshing time and made me wish so much that all my close friends and I could just live in the same place!!
We actually did go camping (outside our house) and survived! It was awesome, we'll go again sometime this summer. But I'm a two day kind of camper, any longer and I just feel dirty! We have company coming and a couple other trips in the works!
Anyway...I am up way to late, i need to sleep!


Britt said...

LOVE the last picture. I wish it wasn't going to be so long until I see you again :(

Terra Nyce said...

Love seeing this picture of you and Britt <3