Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have always known my insurance agent Jerry Braun to be a great guy. He first met Preston when we were pregnant with Jacob and it was where he introduced us to the gift of life insurance. Usually you don't get to know your agent too well, but just two years later our lives would collide again and a friendship would grow into a lifelong relationship. 

I remember when it was time for Jerry to deliver the life insurance check to me. He met me and a friend over lunch one sunny afternoon, and I can clearly remember how his hands shook and he passed me the check over pizza in downtown portland.  It was a first for us both, my first life insurance check and his first death claim. Who knew you could bond over something so sad:) I couldn't believe this was even real yet and I was so thankful to have an agent who was so thoughtful and caring and sincere about his work. 

Over the months we developed a good friendship. The same time Micah was born Jerry and his wife also welcomed their little boy into the world! Our families were able to hang out a fair bit, Jerry is full of amazing puns that often had us rolling in laughter. We all got to go to Florida together for the REAL LIFE stories banquet in 09 and had such a great time there. 
We have stayed in touch ever since and today I got a call from Jerry who wanted to share a story with me. A client of his, let's call Frank, came into Jerry's office three years ago, right around the time of Preston's death. The man was fairly busy and didn't have alot of time to sit with Jerry and talk, but Jerry had his priorities straight. He told Frank that he couldn't sleep at night if he walked away and Jerry didn't ask him about his plans for  life insurance. He asked and was surprised to find that Frank, at age 35, father of one, didn't have any life insurance. Jerry shared our story, which was still so fresh and Frank being deeply impacted immediately chose to sign up for life insurance. 
Here is the climax of the story, two years later Frank got cancer and six months later he passed away. My heart breaks for his family who has lost someone so precious to them. But now his only daughter can go to college and is blessed with a gift that her father left her. 

Is that not incredible? Gave me chills for sure! I told Jerry I was SO proud of him for listening to his heart and sharing our story with Frank. Life insurance is really an intimidating topic to bring up with clients but it can make ALL the difference in the world. Because let's be real, 10 out of 10 of us will pass away and life insurance is one gift we can leave behind with hopefully a beautiful legacy of a life well lived. 
If you don't have life insurance, all it takes is one phone call:) It is worth it. Learn from our story and "Franks" story:) 
Hope you're all enjoying these last days of summer!!


Anonymous said...

Life insurance is so important, and if it wasn't for your blog I wouldn't have given it much thought. Thankfully now we have it and I tell everyone I know to make sure they get it too!!

Hope all is well with you, without facebook I feel totally out of the loop! Looking forward to reading your book someday :)


Andrea said...

Wow amazing, what a blessing life insurance is! So vivid is us sitting in that pizza place having that check delivered to you, feels like a lifetime ago! miss your face tooter!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis, thanks so much for sharing that story! Cannot agree with you more about life insurance.
And please know I am praying for you and your boys! May GOD continue to sustain & comfort and love all over you! ;o)

Luv ya,

Anonymous said...

And my email address is kentrobinson@allstate.com! Since I am no longer an elite member of facbook!! LOL!!

Please keep me posted on what the happenings are in BC!

Caroline said...

Hi Tara,
I look forward to reading this post, but for now just want to comment so you can click on my name and read all about me...when you get a chance that is ;0) It was SO GOOD to meet you this morning!