Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Written yesterday

I just arrived in fort Myers Florida! It was snowing back home so I think ill survive with 80degree temps for a few days:) Though my starch white skin may not.

I'm speaking at a life insurance conference. It's such a privilege to do this. It is still healing knowing that I am helping people, encouraging and motivating them to speak to their clients about the need for life insurance.
I flew alot of hours today. But honestly I love to fly. Ok I don't like getting up at 4am or going through security, the stinky (love that word) plane, the grumpy ppl or the germs I can hear being coughed into the air.

But I love the time i have. When I fly I know I am going to meet with God (not literally, I like my planes in the air thank u:) but I know I will find God because I am looking for Him. He is always there.
My bible opened, journal opened, waiting, waiting for the words, the lesson(s) he will show me, the Grace he Bestows upon me and the humility i know i Will discover. It's a privilege to sit before God. To seek Him is an honor, it's not a chore.
I feel close to God when I fly. Walking in the airport I drift past the magazine store, they aren't bad but ya gotta admit, they distract. They take me away from discovering what god has for me, the greater joy that I know is there. Although God did create Martha Stewart :) and I do read magazines, but not today, not at the airport.
I want to b filled with the right things, I am craving more.
I am also reminded that I can have this alone time with God anywhere (after the babes are in bed or out) but I have to take that time too.
I look out the plane window, just after 7am, which to me is the most beautiful time of day. The clouds float below, we rise above. The sunrise in the distance, coral colored beauty teasing the tops of the clouds, daylight is coming.

And what catches my eye most of all is the moon, dangling without a care. Crescent shaped, just a sliver of a greater thing. And I am reminded that what I will experience of the Lord today is only a sliver of his greatness, of his glory. And yet that is all I need to fill and overflow this girl.
What love to let us experience him, to fill us with himself, with a joy that surpasses all joy.
Let yourself seek Him, ask for Him, and wait in expectation as u spend time with him.
Beg to see his blessings, beg to see the face of God through your day. Let him have his way with you.
And let the words you read be a reflection of the life you live today.

You never know who God will lead you to, when u open your eyes to him he will always give u clearer Lenses to see a greater need than yourself.
(coming from experience)

Well I'm off to hunt for alligators! (I actually really Want to see one!)

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Lisa Kirkes said...

Beautiful, Tara. I love the way your writing inspires me to seek our Lord. I have read your blog since the accident and have been blessed by your writing. I am so thankful for your faith and obedience. I am thrilled for you and how your life is filled with such joy. I wish we could be friends in real life because of your beautiful heart. I'm a mom to 2 boys, too, and my husband pastors a church in southern CA. Your life example is far reaching. I pray God blesses your time in Florida richly and that He brings you safely home to your family.

Lisa Kirkes