Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And two become ONE!

Today was a beach day!!
Just me and the boys, and I think I might have embraced every second I had with those two sweet kids. Ok, i lied, I didn't embrace that moment when Jake splashed me [twice] after I told him girls don't like to be splashed. Does irritating girls come with being a boy? I'm certain it does.
As i sat on the beach I reflected. I am in constant reflection lately. Literally, alllll the time.
1. I got married - SO GREAT, big change:)  More on that in a second!!
2. My little though not so little boy is going to start kindergarten in two weeks!
3. It will be four years since Preston has been in heaven...

Let's go back to that very very exciting #1! I GOT MARRIED!!!! Here is a glimpse into our day!
We used our iphones to do our vows, we use it for everything so why not this?! 

It truly was my dream wedding, such an incredible day. Full of huge emotional meaning, and a TON of love. It was the day we started our new life together and I really could not have asked for a sweeter day. We got married on top of a hotel rooftop overlooking a gorgeous lake. It was a smaller wedding, which we loved, although it would have been nice to see all our family and friends, but in reality you can't visit with them all. In the ceremony Kevin gave a family vow. It was so meaningful and we will place the vow in our home. He wasn't just signing up for a wife, he was signing up to be a father and leader of our home and he does it really really well. 
As you may know it's not an easy job! 
The boys also gave Kevin his first fathers day present, hotwheels, because that is what he brought them once a week while we were dating:) and a picture of Kevin and the boys on a hike, where he is leading them up a path, holding his hands and trusting that he will lead them in the right way, and i have all the faith in the world that he will. 
We did it!!!!!!!! 
We live here! well not on this golf course... but in this city:) I am so thankful for the beauty around us
A new beginning, a new chapter with much to celebrate! 

Me and my Groom, my sweet sweet husband. I have been blessed.

does this really need a caption? 
(ALL pictures were taken by http://www.steshajordan.com/ You are wonderful my friend:) 

The day was just amazing. from the first moment that Kevin and i saw each other to the last look at my sweet groom before I fell asleep for the night. I am really blessed. I knew it then and I still know it. 
The wedding day was great, everything we dreamed it would be. 
Our honeymoon was amazing as well:) 
Ok I gotta post a picture... or 2:) We went to the San Juan Islands, off the coast of Washington and stayed in a B&B
 It was so wonderful. 
Just Kevin and I, Just Kevin and I, Just kevin and I!!! Did I make my point heard?  Yes, it was so so good to have just that time with him and I. No interruptions, no time crunches, it was so sweet. My favorite memory was one night when we were going to dinner. We had asked around about where to eat and decided on a fancy seafood place on the ocean. But we got there, pulled up and both of us said, do you really want to go? (thankfully we were on the same page haha) the place was beautiful, the food I'm sure was amazing, but we just didn't feel like sitting and being all fancy and put together, and we wanted more than 5 bites of food. (I really don't get that whole pay a ton of money for a little bit of food?) So we went to the grocery store, got a bunch of food and cooked it on the beach ourselves! (see first pic below) we just had the best time. It was so peaceful, so full of love and laughter and all while watching a beautiful sunset. I'm not trying to make it more than it was. It really was so amazing, I think it had extra meaning because we are so used to having the kids around that a break like this, our first one together was priceless. And when you have lost someone so precious to you and you have that love again you do not take it for granted. not one single second do you take it for granted. 

 The Turtleback in was so beautiful. We explored a little... and had just a little bit of fun:)
 This pictures makes me laugh so hard everytime i see it. who knew Kev was so graceful?!

After the honeymoon we knew reality and life was coming, FAST and with a BIG punch. We were trying to sell both our homes - in different towns and had hopes of buying another one together in the city Kevin lives in (an hour away) because he has a great job and it just makes sense. But his house is 800sq feet, (a bachelor pad, that mind you, he has made into a great little home).... and mine was 2400sq ft. Little bit of difference:) So we lived at my house on the weekends and his during the week.  His house was by the beach, tennis courts and had alot of hiking around so we just labeled it our summer house to make it a little more mentally exciting haha
It was an adventure to say the least and the adjustment for the boys was huge. Especially for micah. They acted out because of the change, not because of Kevin, though that was a change but they adore him and are so glad they have a "new" daddy. Going between two houses was getting to be alot of change, living out of suitcases and moving our fridge food every week between the houses was well...... getting old. We knew it would be like this though. We prayed and prayed one house would sell as we had been for quite awhile and then.. IT DID!!! 
We sold Kevins!!! And shortly after decided to rent mine out to friends:) 
Onward we go:) 

We moved permanently into Kevins house and started to look for houses. No luck, of course, i mean isnt' that the way real estate works? nothing, nothing then BAM, you find the house of your dreams, or your price range and most of your dreams;) The realtor called me and said i had to look at this house before it got an offer - it had an offer on it just that day. So me and the boys drove over and we loved it!!! It was perfect! four bedrooms, fenced backyard, 2900sq feet, three floors, garage, great neighborhood, great schools, and has alot of fun things to do in it:) Needs some paint, new countertops and knobs but that's the fun details. It doesn't need renovations at all. With kids I don't need renos! 
So we made an offer, and got the house! It's beyond exciting! I know we have only been married a couple months but it feels like we have lived alot of life in those two months!
We move in September 15th. 

Which you might remember as the day our sweet Preston went to Heaven, four years ago. i did not choose the date, the owners did. And I just thought what are the chances of that? But it's also the date that Kevin called me for the first time one year ago (ya we're fast movers:). So I am thinking our great God wants to give us some happy memories on that date:) And I am thankful for that and as well for staying busy on that day!

We are praying Jake gets into the school that is within walking distance to our house but the classes are already full:( so we're praying something changes, i'm working on that happening, but you can pray with us!  I know whatever school he goes to is the one where God needs him to be at. Kindergarten is a huge deal for the first time, for me more than him i think! I know it will be ok, but I just hope he makes wise choices, I hope that we have instilled in him enough to be kind, and loving, helpful and graceful and not a little turd;) I know that ultimately he is not ours, he is the Lords and our job is to raise him and teach him what God's word says and all that God has done in our lives to teach and grow and mold us. Already I see such a love for God from him, one may say he only believes because he has been raised in a Christian home but I SEE the conviction in his heart, i see the faith being built, through things I don't even say or teach him, but how God leads his little heart and mind. I can actively see God working and molding him into the boy God wants him to be, it's Gods work, and not mine and I have to keep trusting that God is holding  him closer than i ever will. 


The boys love Kevin, they constantly ask when he will be home from work and run to him when he walks in the door. Or they wait on the steps for him to drive up. It has been such a sweet journey, although a very busy and large transition. We have seen God working and felt his love and his peace and I'm so thankful. 
Micah had a harder adjustment to Kevin than Jacob. He has never known what it is to have a daddy, he diddn't even know what a daddy does. Such a weird reality hey? He made a comment saying, "what does a daddy do?" so as he saw kevin love him, and play with him and even discipline him, i think he saw that he could trust Kevin and the last few weeks have been really rewarding for Kevin and Micah's relationship. 
I think it's such a sweet picture of God's love and faithfulness for us. We run from him, he pursues us. We ignore him, he loves us, we get mad at him, he comforts and teaches us and responds with love and grace and hopefully we respond to that love and wisdom and our relationship only flourishes. 

So I have constantly been in reflection because life has been so busy and yet SO great, i just don't want to miss a thing! I dont' want to get so stressed out that I miss a hug or a snuggle, or a romantic moment i could have had if i wasn't fretting over something.  I'm reflecting on trying to live in the moment with my sweet boys and be thankful for everything,  watching micah eat an ice cream cone was the highlight of my day yesterday, have you ever watched a toddler eat one? it's priceless. 
God is good and he is in way more than we think, and when you find Jesus and pursue him with ALL your heart you will see him work in your life and in the small details of your day and your joy and thankfulness will only grow more and more as you see that and as you live in service to Him. 

Thank you for all your prayers and congrats on the wedding and new chapter in our life!!! 


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Renee said...

LOVE!!!! you made me cry a little, I am just so happy for you bunch of weiners;) god is good, all the time! Love you to pieces!

Giselle said...

What a blessing - I've said it before, my heart is full - God is faithful. PS - I have to have a sit-down with you and look at all your honeymoon pictures. The ones posted here are great! Love you - good blog.


Janna said...

Hi Tara - I'm one of those "strangers" yet a sister-in-Christ, following your blog... I am so happy for this post and send you a HUGE congratulations! I love watching God work in your life and your journey with Him... your trust throughout it all has been an encouragement to me... I'm so thankful God brought Kevin into your life and that you are experiencing such joy! God bless you all as you continue to adjust and grow and wait on Him! :)

glenda said...

Congrats!!! So happy for you, hubby and the kiddos. Thanks for shariing the pictures.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration, Tara. I have been following your blog for a couple of years and have been praying for you and your sweet family. It has truely been a blessing to me to read of your faithfulness to our loving Savior even in the midst of such tragedy. Your unfaltering trust, steady strength, and positive outlook have encouraged me time and time again. May the Lord continue to bless you and your beautiful family. Congratulations on this new chapter and everything that it holds. The Lord taketh, but boy does He give :) His blessings are both big and small and you are so right - when we are faithful to Him we can see Him in every detail. Thank you for continuing to share your story. You uplift so many with your words, I am only one of them.

Chris is a geek said...

I am so happy for you Tara Kevin. I really enjoyed reading this post. I an also so glad that I took the time to introduce myself to you when I did because now we live in Cranbrook. You encouraged me and still continue to encourage me with your Faith for God. Bless you!